1. How will the startups benefit from the program?

    We will support the selected startups with seed funds upto INR 40 lakhs, network connections, access to experts, business advisory and one-on-one strategic discussions to build and scale up the respective ventures.

  2. Will the seed funds be in the form of grant or equity? What will be the terms and conditions for the same?

    We will be offering the seed fund upto INR 40 lakhs in form of equity investments. We will discuss the valuation and investment terms with each of the startups separately at the time of their respective offers, considering the risks and merits involved in the concerned proposal.

  3. Can anyone from the team register or apply for the program?

    We encourage the founder or any of the co-founders to register when applying for the program. Firstly, the founder’s perspective helps us to understand the business better. Secondly, it saves time from getting appropriate approvals from the founder(s) in subsequent stages and lowering the chances of disqualification.

  4. Why do I need to provide my academic background?

    We want to know you better but at this application level, both your professional experience as well as academic background gives us a glimpse of you.

  5. Can I submit more than one application for this program?

    We strongly encourage you to think through and submit only one application for the innovation that you are most focused on building through. If you are submitting two applications for the same innovation, the duplicate application with less context and poorly articulated thoughts will not be taken forward.

  6. Can I apply if I am not from India?

    It is good that you are working out of other geographies, however, in this program, we are looking for startups registered in India with its founders and operations based out of India.

  7. My startup has received grants / awards / equity investments, can I still apply to this program?

    Yes, you can apply to this program, irrespective of having received grants or awards and having raised funds. Having raised funds only supports the potential of your proposed solutions.

  8. Will you extend the application submission beyond the current last date?

    We will not be able to extend the call for applications and sincerely request you to submit your applications well within the deadline of 15th December 2021, 11:59 PM. Please do not wait for the last moment.

  9. How will I know whether my application has been selected?

    If your application gets shortlisted for the subsequent rounds, we will send you an email confirming this.

  10. On what parameters are you going to evaluate my application?

    We are looking for startups with a strong founding team, unique and innovative solution, alignment to the sector, and potential of the business to scale.

  11. Whom should I reach out to for any query?

    For any query, general or technical, write to us at

For any queries, email us at